Core music artists



is an artist, father, and community school director in Brooklyn, NY. 



With an early love of poetry evolving into  a heartfelt relationship with rhymes, soul music, and  creative expression, iQue's sound is powered by his commitment to God, his family, and community. iQue creates music inspired by Gospel, R&B, Caribbean dance musics, Afrobeat, and funk. He hopes the emotional nature of his music will empower listeners to spread love, peace, and harmony worldwide. 

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Toni Nicole is a songwriter, vocalist, entrepreneur, brand ambassador, and mentor from Athens, GA and Memphis, TN.

Deeply channeling her own journey with spirituality and love, Toni Nicole has developed a sound  where  boom bap meets a sultry jazz influence, delivering an essence of slam poetry  with powerful lyrics over self-produced beats. 

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IX The Roman is a sixteen year old rapper, lyricist, community activist, and CORE Music Program Fellow.  

This young leader is heavily influenced by the sounds and mission of Chance the Rapper, and by the literature and wisdom of Ancient Roman philosophers. Originally from Bronx NY, Roman is passionate about uplifting his communities as he develops his artist brand and team. As an organizing member of the 2018 Youth Over Guns March, he utilized his debut single, Anthem, as a rallying cry for the coalition of the masses to join together in calling for comprehensive reform to address gun violence and its compounding harmful effects on communities of color.